Why, hullo. 

I’m Won. I've been known to fix things.

I run a small project called intracountry, and keep this improbable creature alive.  

I happen to be Korean, but grew up in Singapore and France, stacking up two separate failed careers along the way -- in classical music, then in advertising -- before one can vote in the United States. I’ve been without a permanent home for too many years now, according to medical professionals. According to chat records, I split way too much time between New York, San Francisco, and Asia

I stumbled into the tech community, both as a serial entrepreneur as well as on the VC front, by way of another misguided career attempt: in academia, chasing analytic philosophy instead of sitting in its Chesterfield, so to speak. The only folks who were mad enough to take me on was a Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing company at the MIT Media Lab, but only after I thought a walking holiday across several war zones was a fine idea. 

John Lilly thinks I’ve got a “pretty fascinating take on messaging, content, engagement, the future”, which since it has now been documented on the internet, must clearly be true. I advise startups and investors in this space, and some innocent souls have even attended talks where I gesture wildly about the future of mobile in emerging markets, often subjecting them to presentations with famous internet cats. With my latest development-stage startup, I've been going where refugees/migrants and their smartphones end up, in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. I write about intracountry here.

I also spend of a lot of time learning how to hurt people, and frequently get beat up in the process instead. 

It's whc at my full name dot com, if you're so inclined.

Wonkers x