facts are for the weak was registered at what one would perhaps call "happier, and more naive times". 

all content solely reflect the sleepless nights, as well as the hand-wringing days of the authour.

Use without permission will result in firsthand demonstration of a different kind of hand-wringing.

Berlin 2.0

The stop is at Schönleinstraße, and the city is Berlin. One suitcase up the subway stairs to a Saturday sunrise, a churlish Birkin brunette on a green Dutch bike with one hand on the handle, the other swigging champagne. “I could get used to this,” I thought, headily, in Technicolour.

That was ten years ago. Today it snows, one street away from that original logement. I watch the canvas sky that I once scoured for a sign of morning, framed by the white window frames, red rooves silted yet too wet for the flakes to stick -- transfixed by that banal intimate view we shared in bed -- that white bed, these white walls, this white curtain.

Mongrel comes home in six hours. It’s his second snow.

A Loveliness of Ladybirds

Grafting Mitilini